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CestikonČeština pro rusky mluvící - Чешский язык для русcкoгoвoрящих, 20

Čeština pro anglicky mluvící - Czech for English Speakers + CD

 ( Computer Press )
Čeština pro anglicky mluvící - Czech for English Speakers   CD
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The textbook is meant for English speaking persons that want to reach A1 level according to the Common European Framework within quite a short time, preferably with the help of a teacher. The aim is to help students to acquire basic language competence and an ability to communicate in common everyday situations. The textbook consists of six lessons ordered topically according to the real life situations that foreign students may experience at the beginning of their stay abroad a key to the exercises Czech-English and English-Czech dictionaries an overview of basic grammar phenomena In the lessons, all four skills – listening, reading, speaking and writing are developed. Each lesson includes phrases related to the given topic exercises summaries of vocabulary tests The pictures and illustrations function as illustrative material, or they can help in the motivation or inspiration for further discussions. The textbook is accompanied by a CD with listening exercises, texts, dialogues, phrases, and vocabulary.


  • Väzba: brožovaná
  • Počet strán: 168
  • Rok vydania: 2010
  • Jazyk: český, anglický
  • ISBN: 9788025122389


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